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Nước Mắm Chay Pha Sẵn

Inspired by a family recipe for fish sauce, Bodhï Gourmet’s Nuoc Mam Chay is a plant-based dipping sauce that authentically recreates the distinctive flavour of Vietnamese cuisine. Pairs perfectly with imperial rolls, spring rolls, vermicelli dishes, and more.

Made in Canada.

Inspired by Vietnam.

Authentic taste.
No artificial flavors or colors.
An Pham, Founder & Recipe Developer

Our Story

Today I’m very excited to be launching a staple of Vietnamese cuisine, the Nuoc Mam dipping sauce that many have come to love and recognize as a must-have in order to truly enjoy Vietnamese food.

With this fishless version, you get a product that does not compromise on taste. Quality ingredients and taste authenticity are key elements when I developed the recipe, which I’m proud to say, has passed the taste test with many traditional fish sauce lovers.

I hope you will enjoy this plant-based version, and thank you for choosing a product that is not damaging to the ocean ecosystems or cruel on animals.

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Why Plant-Based?

Whether we look at it from an environmental or ethical perspective, the numbers are shocking.

It is estimated that 72 billion land animals and 1 to 3 trillion wild fish are killed globally every year for human consumption.


This doesn’t include the billions of fish that are farmed. Two-thirds of the world’s fisheries are overfished or depleted.

A study shows that if nothing changes, we will run out of seafood by 2048.


As we are faced with such catastrophic numbers, it makes sense now more than ever to switch to a plant-based diet. It’s the least we can do at an individual level.