Bodhi Gourmet

Our Story

In the heart of Montreal is where my story begins.

When my parents left Saigon after the tumultuous end of the Vietnam war in 1975, they carried with them the indelible memories of home and the rich tapestry of our culinary heritage. Two years later, in the very land that promised new beginnings, I was born.

Growing up in Montreal was a tale of two worlds. At home, the fragrant aromas of traditional Vietnamese dishes would waft through the air, a testament to my mom’s impeccable culinary skills. The city outside, however, was a bustling metropolis of diverse tastes and evolving dietary choices.

By 2018, as the vegan movement was taking shape, I found myself at its crossroads. My love for Asian cuisine and my new vegan lifestyle converged into an Asian catering service, focusing solely on a vegan menu.

But quickly, I noticed that staples like oyster and fish sauces — so integral to the essence of East Asian cuisine – were hard to find in vegan versions.

So, I experimented with numerous recipes until I found the right formulations.

When it came to the quintessential Vietnamese fish sauce, getting the flavors just right posed a great challenge. I teamed up with my mom and leaning into our shared love of good food, we perfected the fish sauces to ensure every drop echoes the tastes I cherish from my childhood.

For the oyster and Korean BBQ sauces, I delved into the myriad of Asian flavors, blending age-old traditions with modern inspirations.

Each creation, whether drawn from a collaborative work or individual exploration, reflects my deep respect for tradition and a commitment to a sustainable future that is kinder to animals and our planet.