Bodhï Gourmet – Vegan Asian Sauces

Our Story

Launched in 2018, Bodhï Gourmet was in the beginning a catering service that exclusively offered a vegan menu, where I focussed on recreating plant-based versions of many traditional dishes in Vietnamese cuisine.

Beyond my love of good food, however, is a deep motivation to create products that allow people to enjoy a plant-based diet, which is better for the environment, better for one’s health, and primordially, better for the welfare of animals.

Today I’m very excited to be launching a staple of Vietnamese cuisine, the Nuoc Mam dipping sauce that many have come to love and recognize as a must-have in order to truly enjoy Vietnamese food.  With this fishless version, you get a product that does not compromise on taste. Quality ingredients and taste authenticity are key elements when I developed the recipe, which I’m proud to say, has passed the taste test with many traditional fish sauce connoisseurs, including my Mom 🙂

So I hope you will enjoy this plant-based version, and thank you for choosing a product that is not damaging to the ocean ecosystems or cruel on animals.

The Vegan Fish Sauce is the first of a series of plant-based, authentic-tasting Asian marinades & sauces which I’ll be launching in the near future.  Stay tuned!